Sunday, 14 April 2013

Now Accepting Applications

The Institute of Biomedical Research at Kampala International University Western Campus is happy to host an incredible cohort of faculty from the UK and Spain to offer a workshop on how to use Drosohpila melanogaster to do cheap but high quality biomedical research.


The course will cover Introduction to Developmental Biology and animal models; Drosophila as a model system for human diseases; Drosophila Development; Stem cells; From genome to proteome; Requirements of a Drosophila lab; Drosophila genetics; and Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics.

The course is open to researchers from institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, with preference to those who have recently established their own research group.

The Faculty
Dr. Acaimo González-Reyes
CABD, University Pablo Olavide, Spain
Dr. Mª Dolores Martín-Bermudo
CABD, University Pablo Olavide, Spain
Dr. Silvia Muñoz-Descalzo
University of Bath, UK
Dr. Isabel Palacios
University of Cambridge, UK
Dr. Marta Vicente-Crespo
Institute of Biomedical Research, KIU, Uganda
Dr. Timothy Weil
University of Oxford, UK

Invited Speaker
Prof. Tony Kouzarides
Fellow of the Royal Society
Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, UK

To register e-mail a two-page CV, and a letter of motivation (including how this course will impact your career and the career of those in your institution).

The organization will select 16 participants and communicate acceptance the week after deadline is closed.